Emory University Law School

Ken Shigley earned his J.D. (Doctor of Law) degree in 1977 at Emory Law School. He served from 1998 to 2008 as a faculty member of the award-winning Trial Techniques Program for second year students. He is also a Master of the Lamar Inn of Court, which is based at Emory.

For whatever numerical rankings in national magazines may be worth, if anything, Emory is the top rated university and top rated law school in Georgia.  Emory Law School ranks #24 among American law schools in U. S News, and #23 in  LawSchool100.com. Overall, U.S. News ranks Emory University #20 among national universities.

Emory has become obscenely expensive and student debt has become a crushing burden on new law graduates. When asked for advice by young Georgians aspiring to enter the legal profession, he suggests the part-time program at Georgia State University Law School as a more cost-effective, practical alternative, especially for those who plan to practice in Georgia.