Amputation Injury

Amputations of limbs due to injury or illness are traumatic, life altering events. But we have notable examples of great success in life after amputation.

  • Carol Hunstein, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia, was a divorced single mother who had lost a leg to cancer by age 23. She then went to college and law school with the help of Vocational Rehabilitation and eventually rose to Chief Justice.
  • Max Cleland lost both legs and one arm in a war injury in Vietnam. After a very difficult time in hospitals he eventually became a State Senator, Director of the US Veterans Administration, Georgia Secretary of State and United States Senator.
  • There is a growing list of amputees who have become noted marathoners and traiathletes:Eugene Roberts (double amputee completed 3,100 mile run across America);Scott Rigsby (double leg amputee Ironman traithlete); Hector Picard (double arm amputee triathlete); Sarah Reinertsen (single leg amputee Ironman triathlete); Scout Bassett (single leg amputee triathlete).
Never give up!

Following are links to some resources that may be of interest to amputees and their families.

Adaptive Technology

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