Amputation Injury

Amputations of limbs due to injury or illness are traumatic, life altering events. But we have notable examples of great success in life after amputation.

  • Carol Hunstein, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia, was a divorced single mother who had lost a leg to cancer by age 23. She then went to college and law school with the help of Vocational Rehabilitation and eventually rose to Chief Justice.
  • Max Cleland lost both legs and one arm in a war injury in Vietnam. After a very difficult time in hospitals he eventually became a State Senator, Director of the US Veterans Administration, Georgia Secretary of State and United States Senator.
  • There is a growing list of amputees who have become noted marathoners and traiathletes:Eugene Roberts (double amputee completed 3,100 mile run across America);Scott Rigsby (double leg amputee Ironman traithlete); Hector Picard (double arm amputee triathlete); Sarah Reinertsen (single leg amputee Ironman triathlete); Scout Bassett (single leg amputee triathlete).
Never give up!

Following are links to some resources that may be of interest to amputees and their families.

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"Goes above and beyond and is a mountain of knowledge on spine and brain injuries. He does his research and represents you with a level of excellence. Remains a friend after representing me." Dee M., Woodstock, GA
"I have collaborated with Mr. Shigley on several initiatives within Georgia’s Judiciary over the past few years and found him to be a persistent and attentive individual. Ken has taken great pride in his involvement with the projects that I have worked on and he is good at influencing success. Despite his hectic schedule, Ken has always made time to discuss, research and review ideas for the best way to accomplish goals. I look forward to a continued working relationship in this and future roles." Jorge B., CIO, Judicial Council of Georgia
"After having to have a hole drilled in an automobile part at a machine shop 10 years ago, I told my uncle I could have done that. My uncle replied, "You are doing this once these guys do it every day" That simply means if you don't know where to turn, get help and get an expert. Ken was that help when I was severely injured during a fatal accident. Ken and his team at Shigley Law are experts, and are here to help you during your crisis. Ken will be there during the injury, recovery, and trial. He and his firm will work hard to see that you are represented fairly!" Jeremy R.
"Ken is a very kind man. He has a wealth of knowledge and is going above and beyond to help us while representing our case." Candy F., spouse of catastrophic injury client, Plains, GA
"I know Ken as trial lawyer of highest standards. Ken is knowledgeable and innovative and that translates to success in the courtroom. He is outgoing, compassionate and personable which makes him a pleasure to work with in any setting." Eric B., Attorney, Canton, GA