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Here are a few comments from clients and colleagues:

Head and back injury in rush hour collision. "ATTORNEY KEN SHIGLEY - did his lawyer thing - and INCREASED MY "TAKE HOME AMOUNT" of settlement - the amount after paying core medical & legal fees - BY OVER 3000% (three thousand percent) MORE than what some other law firms could do. He and Courtney (his assistant) were like FAMILY! True blessings. Larri Louise Warner, Client, Nashville, TN

Parents killed by tractor trailer on I-95 in Southeast Georgia. “My family hired Ken after our parents were killed in a trucking accident in GA in 2013. We worked with Ken for 19 months before our case settled. During this time I thought Ken was outstanding. He was accessible to us at all times and maintained consistent communication. He was patient with us and took time to explain the finer points of law. While we avoided going to trial, he prepared diligently and I felt like he was leaving nothing to chance. I am relieved that our case is complete and I will miss working with Ken. He was very thoughtful and caring while helping us to stay relaxed. I would highly recommend him to anyone who requires these types of services." David U., Client, Vermont

Mother killed in car crash on I-85 in Northwest Georgia. "My mother was a passenger in a horrible car crash in Georgia when the car in which she was passenger was hit by an ex-convict who had no insurance, and who later died from a cocaine overdose. When I learned of mom's injury, I immediately flew in from California. As I work in Silicon Valley, I contacted Ken Shigley online. He met with me and my dad at the hospital ICU. He had a comforting manner, listened empathically to us in our angst, and calmly discussed with us the immediate and long term legal issues. Unfortunately, mom died from her injuries. When we were ready to deal with it, Ken laid out the strategy to optimize net recovery for the family, orchestrating all the liability, insurance, probate and Medicare / Tricare reimbursement issues. He communicated well, was sensitive to our concerns and obtained an optimal outcome. I strongly recommend Ken Shigley to anyone going through this sort of thing." John P., Client, California

Son killed in tractor crasher crash on I-75 in Northwest Georgia." When tragedy struck our family in the form of the wrongful death of our son and caused me physical injuries and changed our lives forever, we dragged our feet about hiring a lawyer. I didn't want to face having to go through the stress. Big mistake. The first thing you do is hire local counsel. I found Mr. Shigley by surfing the web, and we got a listening ear. He was realistic, professional and worked very hard in our behalf. Not only that, he showed a genuine concern for our family, and ran interference for us on a number of issues relative to our case. If I had it to do over again, I would have hired him sooner."Carolyn R., Newnan, GA

Competitor. "Ken Shigley has the experience and skill to take complicated products liability and trucking cases to trial and get outstanding results. He is well respected by his peers for his legal knowledge. I have a copy of Ken's book "Georgia Law of Torts, Trial Preparation and Practice" on my shelf and refer to it regularly in my law practice. I enthusiastically endorse this lawyer."  Ben Persons, Attorney, Marietta, GA

Leg fracture in truck crash in Northwest Georgia. "I was hit almost head-on by a large truck in 2004, causing a painful and permanent injury to my left leg and low back. My previous attorney gave up on finding any way to get more than $100,000 for my injury. A friend referred me to Ken Shigley in Atlanta. The case went to trial in Calhoun, Gordon County, GA, in March 2007. The highest verdict in the history of Gordon County was about $800,000. Ken Shigley blew away the other side's witnesses on cross examination, and did a fantastic job illustrating how my injury has affected my life. He really had the jury with him. He asked the jury for $1,327,241.54, and did it in a way that made it sound cheap. The verdict a day later was for $2,345,940.17, nearly three times the highest verdict in the history of that county. It was like the movie "The Verdict." I feel so blessed to have had Ken Shigley as my lawyer!!!"Brent J., Client, Chatsworth, GA

Traumatic Brain Injury in Metro Atlanta. "Our son was in a horrible car accident May 2013, and was left with a Traumatic Brain Injury. We were devastated and did not know who to contact or what to do. But little to our knowledge, God already had things under control. Our son has a very good friend that knew Ken, Thank God. Ken was told about the accident and came to our rescue. He has been a blessing, God does put people in our paths when we need them. He has made sure that our son was taken care of financially and that his future is secure. He is very knowledgeable in law, and if we needed anything or anyone for anything he knew who to call or who to contact for that information. While we were tending to our son, Ken tended to all of our son's billing issue's. We did not have to deal with the stress of all the financial part at all. Ken took care of that for us. That in itself is a blessing to me. We felt like we were not just a client to him but a friend as well, and that means a lot. Or it does to us. Ken, you are and always will be held with the utmost respect and Love in our hearts."Deborah G., Mother of Client, Dallas, GA

Traumatic Brain Injury in Metro Atlanta. "Awesome guy and incredible at what he does. I'm so glad Ken came into our lives. I don't know what we would've done without all of his guidance and hard work. Dealing with a catastrophic event is hard for any person or family and knowing that you dong have to worry about legal matters made things just a little easier. Thank you for everything, Ken!"Michael I., Spouse of Brain Injury Victim, Woodstock, GA

Death of parents in truck crash in Southeast Georgia. "After my parents were killed in a tractor truck accident on December 2013, he fought hard against the insurance companies to help my brother, sister, and I. He was honest and always available to answer any questions I had. Ken went out of his way to meet with my brother and I while on vacation in New England. He was awesome in explaining everything to us in detail and looked out for us with every step of the lawsuit. I would highly recommend him ." Joan M., Client, Massachusetts

Back injury in south Georgia. “After having to have a hole drilled in an automobile part at a machine shop 10 years ago, I told my uncle I could have done that. My uncle replied, "You are doing this once these guys do it every day" That simply means if you don't know where to turn, get help and get an expert. Ken was that help when I was severely injured during a fatal accident. Ken and his team at Shigley Law are experts, and are here to help you during your crisis. Ken will be there during the injury, recovery, and trial. He and his firm will work hard to see that you are represented fairly!” – Jeremy R.

Spinal injury in Metro Atlanta. "Goes above and beyond and is a mountain of knowledge on spine and brain injuries. He does his research and represents you with a level of excellence. Remains a friend after representing me."Dee M., Woodstock, GA

Catastrophic injuries when motorcyclist hit by drunk driver in Southwest Georgia. "Ken is a very kind man. He has a wealth of knowledge and is going above and beyond to help us while representing our case."Candy F., spouse of catastrophic injury client, Plains, GA

Traumatic Brain Injury. "Ken is a great attorney. He cares about his clients and stops at nothing to protect their interests. He is available and accessible to clients throughout their entire case. He keeps his finger on the pulse of a case without fail. I highly recommend Ken to anyone with a serious personal injury case. I have worked with him and know that he is committed to results, not only financial compensation, but future quality of life for his clients. The relationships he has built within the legal and medical community are huge assets to his clients. Ken does a great job and gets results. He took great care of a dear friend of mine. For that, I am eternally grateful and look forward to working with him again, if need be."Melinda C., referring attorney, Douglasville, GA

Truck crash trial trial observations. "I first met Ken when I watched him try a very difficult case involving catastrophic injuries. He was an incredibly effective advocate and was able to obtain justice for his client. I have since come to know him as one of the state's leading trial lawyers, particularly in trucking cases, which involves complex regulatory and legal issues not involved in other types of cases. I do not hesitate to recommend Ken for any kind of personal injury case."John H., Attorney, Atlanta

Premises liability trial. "Long before Ken Shigley became president of the State Bar of Georgia, he was one of my good Christian friends and fellow trial attorney. I was privileged to serve as second chair with him on a very difficult slip and fall case with multiple expert witnesses in the Fulton County Superior Court in the late 1990's. He was always very prepared and diligent for our client and the jury found liability against the defendants in our plaintiff/client's favor. He was and still is one of my trusted legal advisors and mentors. He has successfully mediated, represented or counselled others on hundreds of serious injury & wrongful death cases. Ken is true to his callings as both a Christian lawyer to whom I look for wise counsel."Ron S., Attorney, Atlanta

Trial skills. "Ken Shigley is an excellent trial lawyer in the area of commercial trucking. He knows the specialized rules for handling truck wreck cases for the victims and their families when tractor-trailers leave a devastating loss, catastrophic injuries and deaths. He is an advocate who understands the impact on his clients and is highly effective in bringing them justice."Myles E., Attorney, Atlanta

Professional leadership. "Ken is a preeminent trial lawyer in the State of Georgia. He shares his knowledge freely with fellow lawyers and is accessible when called with a question or potential referral. Genuine trucking accident litigators are a small group because of the federal and state law and regulation involved in pursuing the claims as well as the federal evidentiary and procedural mandates involved in gathering facts and preparing the case. Ken is not just in that small group but one its few leaders. I am honored to know him"Keith P., Attorney, Newnan, GA

Court technology leadership. "I have collaborated with Mr. Shigley on several initiatives within Georgia’s Judiciary over the past few years and found him to be a persistent and attentive individual. Ken has taken great pride in his involvement with the projects that I have worked on and he is good at influencing success. Despite his hectic schedule, Ken has always made time to discuss, research and review ideas for the best way to accomplish goals. I look forward to a continued working relationship in this and future roles."Jorge B., CIO, Judicial Council of Georgia

Innovation and compassion. "I know Ken as trial lawyer of highest standards. Ken is knowledgeable and innovative and that translates to success in the courtroom. He is outgoing, compassionate and personable which makes him a pleasure to work with in any setting." Eric B., Attorney, Canton, GA

Technical expertise. "I have known Ken for more than thirty years. He is an outstanding attorney with both the technical expertise and the practical experience to represent his clients with excellence. He is recognized throughout Georgia as a preeminent member of the bar. I recommend him without reservation." George R., Attorney, Atlanta

Professional mentoring. "Ken has been a friend, mentor, and colleague for over 20 years. It is with great pleasure that I endorse Ken as an excellent trial attorney, especially in cases involving commercial transportation, personal injury, and wrongful death. Ken's knowledge, integrity, and caring advocacy set him apart from other attorneys."Kathleen M., Attorney, SC

Depth. "I can highly recommend Ken Shigley. He is a thoughtful, devoted attorney who delves deeply into the academic issues of a case to work towards achieving the best results possible for his clients. Ken is a trial attorney who strives to develop the evidence to its fullest extent on behalf of the people he represents and has achieved great success." Greg M., Attorney, Atlanta

Top Notch Legal Skills. " "Ken is a brilliant communicator with top-notch legal skills. He has served his fellow lawyers as State Bar president with wit, compassion and enduring strength. I highly recommend Ken for your legal needs."Cathy H., Former District Attorney, Homerville,GA

Takes Time to Get to Know Clients." "Mr. Shigley takes the time to get to know every client personally. By doing this he is better able to understand how to tell your story to the jury. He is always available to answer your questions personally. Further, his attention to detail and passion for his profession gets results."Chrissy K., paralegal, Duluth, GA

Above and beyond."Goes above and beyond in everything he does!" Teresa M., Douglasville, GA

Traumatic Brain Injury. "I was involved in a serious accident, and suffered a traumatic brain injury. For the first time in my life, I could not trust my own judgment. I did not realize how seriously I was compromised by my injuries, which ultimately required two surgeries to resolve. An insurance adjuster was contacting me within a few days of my accidental fall, attempting to get me to sign a release. I did not want to deal with him because I knew that my judgment was impaired. My sister is an attorney in New York. I asked her to find me an attorney to consult here in Atlanta. She identified Ken based upon his credentials. I contacted Ken. Thank God I did. The character, decency, and integrity of this man came though in our first ". I knew I could trust him. I knew whatever happened, no one would do more or care more then Ken. He managed the case with calm determination, locating expert witnesses, and developing a plan to optimize our chances of success. This left me able to focus on my recovery. Ultimately, Ken secured a six-figure settlement on my behalf. He was a solid straight shooter through the whole process. He always kept his commitments to me. You can trust him. He cares. He always treated me with courtesy and compassion. He protected me from being victimized by the impairment of my injuries. I will always be grateful."

Wrongful Death. "I came to Mr. Shigley after the death of a parent in a trucking accident. He was sensitive to my grief. While showing empathy and concern for my situation he capably guided me though the steps of consultation, depositions. etc. He has kept me regularly updated and I know there will be a good outcome because of his dedicated efforts. If anyone would ever have the misfortune to be in a position where they needed a lawyer, I would not hesitate to overwhelmingly recommend Ken Shigley."

18 wheeler Truck hit. "After having been hit by an 18 wheeler and suffered a TBI and cervical injury, I hired a lawyer that did not know anything about this condition. Thanks to my friend Michael, he was able to refer me to Ken Shigley and I fired the other lawyer. Mr. Shigley's knowledge, experience and dedication has been the light of my life. I don't truthfully know what would I have done without his assistance and guidance. He's a lawyer that knows his subject matter and I would highly recommend him. To my opinion he's the top lawyer in the nation."

He is a man of integrity and knows the law. "I found Mr. Shigley online. I read his blog and cross checked his links. He not only is well informed but will protect his clients' interests. He is a man of integrity and knows the law. I have recommended him to two of my friends."