Injuries to Children

Love for our children is among the most instinctive and unconditional of normal human sentiments. Our children can be our greatest joy, worry and legacy. The death or serious injury of a child who has not yet had an opportunity to experience life and fulfill their potential therefore seems even more poignant than a comparable injury to an adult. For over two decades, since the late 80s, I have handled catastrophic injury and death cases involving children. Under Georgia law there are a lot of subtle complexities and technicalities in these cases. There are separate claims for parents and children, varying time limits for all those claims, special rules to protect those children through guardianships, court approvals of settlements, custodial accounts, trust accounts and so forth. When a child is killed, the right to recover for the wrongful death of the child belongs to both parents but if the parents are not married to each other at the time than the court can apportion that money pretty much as it sees fit according to the evidence. If a child in your family has had a serious injury or has been killed, call us for a free consultation. I hope we can help.